The Power of Yoga: Testimonials

Zen Garden
Zen Garden at Every Body Yoga Studio in Centreville, MD.

'I feel 100 times better than when I arrived.'
Jeannie Wood after 1st yoga class at Every Body Yoga

'My back felt great! on Wednesday morning. Thanks! See you tomorrow.' Barb (Young) – The day after a 'Free from Back Pain' workshop

Subject: yoga interview
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 09:45:53 -0400

Matt: I heard P. Johnston's interview on the radio this morning. I am one of her devoted students and can attest to how wonderful yoga is for you. Her classes are nothing like most yoga classes where you worry about trying to do the poses, etc.

Everything she said is true. Phyllis is so concerned with each individual person feeling good about themselves. And she is correct in saying everyone is at their own pace. I have done many types of exercise and keep pretty active, but yoga is by far the best thing to do for yourself to keep healthy.

It has also really helped with my blood pressure. As a matter of fact, I usually struggle with staying awake during her class because I am so relaxed.

Cathy Eiden

Dear Phyllis,

Thank you again for everything! Most of all it was a great learning experience for me. I am much more confident and I learned so much! You are a great teacher and I know you will do very well with the teacher training. Thank you for your dedication and passion for yoga!

From a yoga teacher with 5 years experience prior to completing the Every Body Yoga Teacher Training.

Hi Phyllis -

I just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed your yoga sessions and I really feel as though I am getting a lot out of them. I am looking forward to signing up for both the 8-week summer session and the "free from back pain" night on the 28th. I have to tell you though, my lower back and hip have felt better than they have in a very long time, I'm sure in large part due to the yoga. I try really hard to do some each morning and night (or at least once a day), and I swear sometimes I can actually hear your voice talking me through the moves!! I'm also looking forward to setting some new goals for myself which you discussed this morning.

Again, thanks for being such a wonderful instructor!!

~ Robyn


Yoga has really helped me and I'm so pleased that it's starting to be noticeable to other people too. I love the gentleness of the way you teach and I recommend yoga to many people for that reason.

You can use any quote of mine and my name. I have no problem with that. You have done so much for me.

With gratitude,
Sharon Miles

Dear Phyllis,

I wish to express my sincerest thanks for your outstanding yoga instruction and your personal presence to us in class. It is obvious that you truly believe in what you are sharing. I especially appreciate the time you spend sharing yoga principles and explaining the reason and purpose of the philosophy behind the poses. It has been a wonderful challenge and a pleasure to work with you and learn from you.

Thank you - I'll be back!
Ann Ashe | | 410.310.6803 | 205 East Water Street, Suite C | Centreville, MD